Finding balance

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

To be “Seen” or to “B-board”? that was the question this past weekend and since I love lame jokes, here is how I am starting my recap of what you may have missed if you didn’t make it in for these past two workshops here at The Space this weekend. You’re welcome ;)

I met Leah Zaccaria who has the relaxing easy going energy that allows you to be yourself. I felt this because of the five events that fell within a 24 hour span. I knew that if I wanted to be apart of her workshop it was not because I was lacking stimuli, it was because it was a knowing that I truly wanted to be there. This was Leah’s first event in Los Angeles and since she finds herself wanting to move her practice and her life down south (from Seattle) she knew she had to start somewhere. I am so glad she chose The Space! With no attachment or expectations, she shared her life and her practice with us on Saturday April 6th, 2019 at 1:00pm.

She opened the workshop by summarizing the discoveries that lead her to her life transformation. Through the universal understanding and truth that we all yearn to be “Seen”. Which is understandably the name of her newly released memoir she graciously gifted us a copy of. We were then asked to journal our thoughts on the 5 cycles we go through in our lifetime (for more detail on these cycles and whether or not you’re stuck on the 3rd, I recommend you pick up her book). After journaling our personal answers on Who We Are and What We Truly Need in our lives to be “Seen”. We were asked to reflect on this while we were about to move through intense vinyasa yoga poses she was about the lead us in.

During the yoga portion of the workshop I really felt myself reflecting on these questions and allowed myself to push through the discomfort while also allowing myself not to conform on how I am “supposed” to look. This encouraged the class to flow in a way that I haven’t felt before. I usually dislike yoga, well I take that back, I love the way I feel after yoga I just dislike facing my own impatience while holding my body still for long periods of time. I liked classes that had me on the go-go-go so I didn’t have time to think. This speaks a lot to my struggle with impatience and how I truly would benefit from taking yoga more.

After class we spent some time in back area we call “The Lounge” winding down and enjoying a post workout snack of strawberries and sparkling water. A real refresher after an all out mental and physical cleanse. Leah signed our books and I had a great chat with one of our long time clients, Nikki Walla. Who, like me, usually doesn’t take yoga but felt an amazing sense of flexibility, not just in our bodies but with our minds by breaking out of the norm and going deeper into thought. So happy to see her relax and connect with me for a bit and not just while we say Hello in passing.

I highly recommend signing up for Leah’s workshop when she is in town again but be ready to push your limits with some difficult moves and face deep introspection of yourself. Her vinyasa style is not for the faint at heart and the moves are advanced but that is the point, going beyond your own limitations.

For more information on Leah Zaccaria and her yoga studio (HauteYoga) you can check out here website Buy “Seen” by Leah Zaccaria HERE

B-Board: w/ Eric Vandendreissche

Up next was a revolutionary new fitness product and class called “B-Board Workout”. This workshop was hosted by Eric Vandendreissche, CEO and Founder of B-Board. After an hour long Vinyasa style yoga workout and a pretty good workout from our resident instructor, Nicole Rush of SexFit the night before, I was planning on sitting this one out. Then I couldn’t help be drawn to the test. My competitive nature came through and I had to test my balance on these fun bright purple boards.

Once the loud sounds of rock came through the studio speakers my energy started to rise and we began with some balancing exercises. This is when my fatigue hit me the most and I realized that this was going to be another challenging class. As a former personal trainer with a degree in kinesiology, I can see how using this rather unstable surface to perform cardio, strength and flexibility exercises can really amplify your fitness results. This is also a great workout for paddle boards or surfers use the similar footing in the water. However, if you are a beginner, this class may be too advanced and might lead to twisted ankles and injuries. I can see smaller groups or private trainers really benefit from using the B-Board with clients so they can improve on their form and balance during the more complicated moves.

For more information on the “B-Board Workout” and it’s founder click HERE