A message from the Co/Founder, The Space

Updated: Apr 16

I am happy that everyone is safe, healthy, and able to work on your visions, your deep inner work, spending time with your loved ones, connecting online to people you probably haven't seen in ages from your living spaces! (I’m spying on your socials from my apartment in Egypt)! If you don’t know me yet, I am Lauren. I initially opened the studio as a Barre franchise in 2012 and in 2018 Co/founded and transformed it into The Space with Vanessa and most of you! 

What a precarious age we are in. I am trusting in whatever happens next and know we will be even more equipped for our purpose driven lives after the storm. I have seen many crazy times in my 40 years living on this planet, and many shifts the past 9 years expanding this studio but never did I imagine our generation would experience something like this. 

I wanted to send an update, as it is my responsibility to keep us all informed during this crisis.

I, like so many of you, have been re-evaluating moment to moment. Having financial future fears and following the ever-changing government stimulus. We are doing everything in our financial capacity to keep our studio, as a home we can all return to. As Vanessa is also tirelessly working on immediate solutions, as we try to cover the businesses expenses and support to our employees. We wait patiently wait for help during these confusing procedures to obtain an SBA, grants and fundraising dollars. We are also strategizing daily on bigger solutions that protect us all in the long term after the crisis lifts.

Thank you for keeping the faith in us as the leaders behind The Space. 

Thank you for being great leaders with ambitious hearts, sharing your gifts and keeping the fearless faith.

Thank you for being this strong community that has bonded this space together for almost a decade.

We all need support more than ever. When we positively lead, we can create a fluid and balanced space where we raise the frequency of abundance for all involved. It is how we show up and unify during upheaval that we become a more resilient community. 

My wish for you all is to play like children, find your THRILL, feel your JOY in moments long forgot. Because it lights YOU the fuck up, which will naturally light OTHERS the fuck up. And we need 

to amplify this more than ever on earth. (Oh, I still have my Bostonian bad mouth.) 

This will lead us exactly where we are meant to be. Go ahead, take a sip of a light shot and share one (virtually of course).

In this time of the great unknown, I hope you rediscover who you are, love deeply like you’ve never been hurt, hold the ones that hold space for you close, share your appreciation to those that lift you up...even those that let you down and spread that light you all naturally illuminate.

We have a mission. There’s no time to play small. In my heart, whether there is or is not a physical studio to return to when this subsides, there will always be a space for growth everywhere. Our next vision is to see us all reunited again in person and continuing online connecting on a global scale so we can return more with more appreciation and resilience than ever before.

We will continue to update you with any pertinent news. And let me know if have any questions or if any of you want to connect on zoom or House Party for connection, a laugh or support!  We are here for one another...

Love and gratitude for all ️

Lauren Faretta Co/Founder, CMO + CFO As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul...