Lauren Faretta

Co/Founder, CFO & CMO, 

Creating Space & The Space

Lauren is the Co/Founder of Creating Space. Her vision has been to cultivate communities with innovative disruptive entrepreneurs. As the head of marketing, she orchestrates brand partnerships, strategizes development and brand positioning. As CFO, she secured funding of over $1.3 Million to grow her brand. Together with Co/Founder and CEO Vanessa Van Overmeer, they curate like minded collaborations with those who stand behind social causes and making wellness transformation accessible for all. They have helped brands launch into the LA market at their brick and mortar fitness and events studio called The Space in Santa Monica, California that featured some of the top fitness concepts like, Cardio Barre, The Class By Taryn Toomey, BeSpun, Pound and Dancebody. Due to the world pandemic they were forced to close their doors and have since launched into the virtual space with livestreaming fitness classes, events and consulting programs for soulpreneurs. In 2021 they plan to launch wellness retreats in Egypt where Lauren currently resides, capturing both traditional ancient traditions fused with modern practices they developed in Los Angeles. 


Vanessa Van Overmeer 

Co/Founder, CEO

Creating Space & The Space

Born in San Diego, Vanessa left for LA at 25 shortly after studying Kinesiology and Business at San Diego State University. While in San Diego she started her own personal training and nutrition company while competing in fitness competitions, but thrived for experience in the city she always dreamed of living. Once in LA she found herself working for large companies such as Equinox Fitness, but missed the creativity and challenge of being an entrepreneur. So she worked at tech start-ups, co-working spaces, members clubs, and consulted for many other projects focused around community building. Through all the experiences she found the common thread that drove her passion...building community for good causes.​ When Vanessa met Lauren in late 2013 they soon realized they shared a lot of the same goals. They decided to combine their expertise to form The Space in 2018 as a hub housing multiple wellness brands while providing a place to grow a like-minded community. ​Vanessa helped implement company structure, team building and supported each brand and their teams, until they were ready to run their own business. She now focuses on business development and virtual platforms.​ Vanessa sees Creating Space as a place to launch dreams, improve lives and create connections. Providing this model on a larger scale and helping as many people as possible while traveling the world is her dream.

Creating Space Team