The People Behind The Space

Founder, Lauren Faretta

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An East Coast native with a wild spirit took her across the globe but a movie marketing position grounded her in Los Angeles while she also worked print modeling, acting and coordinating on a hit TV series. Through loss, a divorce and a health scare she soon searched for more meaning in life. Her desire for growth lead her into the wellness world. She invested in a franchise in Santa Monica called Cardio Barre in 2009 at the peak of the barre trend.


With a successful start she later faced challenges to keep the one concept studio thriving in the most competitive fitness markets.  She began slowly building her vision designing a studio specializing in a variety of fitness concepts. Connecting with long time friend and now partner, the two lead the charge in creating The Space.

"We extend our experience of operating a boutique fitness studio to other fitness concepts looking to expand in the LA market with a low risk work share model.  We share in the costs of the studio and help each other grow. We test our current community while adding on new and empowering workouts delivering a variety of real results. We found a real solution to the fitness studio crisis."


Lauren loves traveling the world, studying holistic nutrition, manifesting and healing others. She is Certified in Gabby Bernstein's, Spirit Junkie Master Class 1 and 2 and is apart of the CHI Program lead by creator Diane Kazer. She has a passion for writing and producing projects that share an authentic message for positive global impact. She lives between Malibu and Egypt scuba diving with her boyfriend and her Maltipoo, Zen. Lauren is looking to expand The Space by hosting wellness retreats in Egypt in 2020.


Vanessa Van Overmeer

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Born in San Diego, Vanessa left for LA at 25 shortly after studying Kinesiology and Business at San Diego State University. While in San Diego she started her own personal training and nutrition company while competing in fitness competitions, but thrived for experience in the city she always dreamed of living. 


Once in LA she found herself working for large companies such as Equinox Fitness, but missed the creativity and challenge of being an entrepreneur. Wanting to make sure she understood business from all angles and not just through the lens of the fitness industry, she has worked on tech start-ups, co-working spaces, members clubs, and consulted for many other projects focused around community building. Through all this experience she found the common thread that drove her passion was building community for good causes. 

When Vanessa met Lauren back in late 2013 they started off as friends but soon found out they shared a lot of the same life goals. So they decided to combine their expertise and experience to form The Space as a hub to house multiple wellness brands that they believed in while providing a place to grow a like-minded community.

Vanessa sees The Space as a place to launch dreams, improve lives and create connections.


Providing this model on a larger scale and helping as many people as possible while traveling the world is her dream, and it all starts at The Space.

CFO & Advisor,

Dr. Ayman Kandeel

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Dr. Ayman Kandeel currently the Founder and Chairman of Fanarah Development, LLC, Dr. is best known for being a savvy economist, and a serial entrepreneur.

In November 2018, in his capacity as the founder and CEO of Borak Capital Holding, a Cairo based boutique investment bank, Dr. Ayman Kandeel engineered and managed the $680 MM sale of AK for Real Estate Marketing and Development (AKREM) to Inertia Developments, a transaction that created more than 300% return to most of AKREM’s investors.

In 2015, under Dr. Kandeel’s leadership, Fanarah Developments, LLC, established the concept of Fanarah Coast, the first attempt at creating an integrated destination along the Mediterranean seafront in Egypt. In 2016, the project was renamed to Jefaira, and today it is the largest Mediterranean-front project of its kind, along the entire coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Between 1999 and 2009, Dr. Kandeel founded and co-managed many financial companies, including Borak Capital Holding, Arab African International Securities, and Pi Capital, Inc., to name a few. He has been involved in raising significant capital for various companies, in the technology, real estate, entertainment and finance sectors. 

In 2001, Dr. Kandeel founded AK Comics, a highly publicized comic book publisher, with over forty publications in English, Arabic, Greek and Chinese. Envisioning a peaceful Middle East in the future, AK Comics created a Muslim, a Jewish, and a Christian superhero/super heroine. The three heroes’ universe revolves around the concept of protecting an imaginary parallel Middle Eastern against conspiracies targeting the disruption of a supposed futuristic peace.

He has been featured on multiple media outlets such as the BBC, NPR, CNN, Al Jazeera, NBC, and John Stewart’s The Daily Show, to name a few, and through this endeavor he got introduced to a lot of known politicians, several of which remain in his close circle of contacts.

Group Fitness Manager 

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East coast girl from Miami that has a zest for life and never afraid to try anything once. After getting her Bachelors degree in creative writing from Florida State University, she decided to stay in town and get her Masters in Journalism with an emphasis in Filmmaking. With a spark to pursue the film industry both in front and behind the scenes, she made her way to LA on a buck and a dream.

After giving in to LA's struggling actress/producer lifestyle of working as a server/bartender just to have a flexible schedule and little cash flow to put towards anything she knew she needed something new just to give her life another meaning.

She searched and found a workout that fused her love for dance and cardio, Cardio Barre, and essentially never left. She quickly went from a client to the front desk team to management to operations. Her love and passion for our community and staff is what constantly drives her to show up with an open heart. 

 She's now combining all of her talents and experiences into her own brand where she can continue her personal endeavors while building up the businesses she loves. She's a travel junky so you can always catch her booking trips on a whim.

Nadia's next amazing journey is being a mom!  She's due in December.