Updated: Aug 1, 2019

While you have been sweating it up in studio, we have been sweating behind the scenes building more for the community to enjoy!

As we expand, our hope is that you do too.

Yes it is Los Angeles winter. While the rest of the nation is getting hit with snow and shredding some slopes, we are hibernating during this strange battle between sun and intermittent rainstorms. If you are like me, you are dodging any plan after sunset and crawling into bed around 8 pm. This is the season of hibernation, a time of Introspection and rest to help us launch into the rebirth of spring, a time where all our inner and creative work reveals itself with the world.

This is where my business partner, Vanessa and I have been hiding out-creating more for the studio. There have been OHHH so many changes since leaving our original franchise, Cardio Barre. It was difficult making the shift but instead of giving up and closing down, we courageously allowed ourselves the space to grow. Our mission is to hold space for those that want to evolve through fitness, wellness while being supported by a strong community.

We knew from experience that the one workout system wasn't working for our bodies or our business. I faced bankruptcy before even opening the doors in 2013. I was sued, criticized by others and fear struck me hard. My inner strength kept pushing me to take a leap. Something was going to shift either way. Without the team and community we would have closed down after 7 years. This has proven so far that community is everything. The evolution into a multi-concept wellness space slowly but surely started manifesting. With no financial aid both Vanessa and I rolled up our sleeves, became roommates and went to work. Three years later this diverse little Santa Monica studio is official.

We felt the need and benefits of diversifying workouts that empowered some thing beyond our bodies. We also found a gap between small boutique studios and the big guys. Boutique studios were shutting down rapidly and we did not like driving all over the city trying out new classes just for a deal. We were only left with a feeling of disconnect, no community and many frustrations finding good parking.

Another hole we found was the insane struggle it was for new brands launching into a market. The financial risk is extreme and LA is predominately the fitness capital of the world so competition is fierce.

We were on to something...we built the space from the ground up with years of trial and error. We could now offer other creatives a launch pad with support under a proven formula while sharing in the high overhead of one of the most expensive cities in the world. Spreading our wellness messages together without competition.

This is why we are so passionate about creating a home for the community. We offer balanced workouts and education close to our hearts. With over 40 classes we are a wellness space that provides top brands under one roof for workout lovers and elite instructors alike. We have specialty programs, a private training area called "The Room" and we won't stop here. Enjoy our new beach chic lounge and relax with free wifi or host your next empowering event with us.

We believe being courageous creators and connecting on a deeper level spreads joy beyond these walls and we hope you too will find inspiration and a safe container to grow here at The Space.

Our lead instructor Kamilah in "The Room."