Yoga Practice


We are Creating Space.

For 8 years The Space in Santa Monica, California has been a creative collective of dance inspired fitness and wellness programs.

2020 had new plans for the world...

Showing us that change is inevitable yet necessary for growth.

As we close the chapter of our studio, we continue to host special virtual wellness events and retreats in Los Angeles and Egypt while also supporting brands launching their vision unto the world. We will create space together with the like minded innovator. 


As a team of soulprenuers that have explored many aspects of operating fitness, wellness and start up businesses in Los Angeles, we are here to serve. We consult and collaborate with socially conscious brands and feature those that want to connect deeper on a health conscious community platform. We will continue to evolve organically together in a new way, celebrating our diversity, leading with transparancy,  embodying authenticity and breaking down blocks one by one.


Simplistic Nutrition, Education. Fitness. Freedom. Connection. 

Create the space to be who you are, where you are, together.


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